How to watch Disney+ in advance?

A new chapter in the "streaming war" is written today with the arrival of Disney Plus, a service that will compete directly against Netflix, offering all the content of Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Disney, Nat Geo and the new family member, Fox.

disney plus

Unfortunately lots of countries were not one of the countries considered for its launch, we will have to wait to see it officially until sometime in 2020, but there is an alternative for those who do not want to wait so long. We will tell you all the steps to be able to hire the service and enjoy the content before anyone else.

  • Before starting

    The first that we will need will be the Fast VPN app, with it we will have the possibility to connect to web servers from other countries, to make believe the sites that we are in another country, offering blocked access in your country , in this case, Disney Plus.

    Fast VPN can be found for free, we will use one that has free mode and has worked for us in the different tests performed, but any user can try another service.

  • Android

    Disney Plus is available only in the United States, Canada, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, in the case of the last two countries, it will launch on 11-19, 2019, so we have to focus on the first three. In the case of the United States we tried to use a VPN to register and it was impossible with many attempts and different services, so we discarded it.

    We decided to go directly to Netherlands, since it was the first country to have a “beta phase” of the service.

    Fast VPN is free and available for Android and iOS. It will not be necessary to register, on the main screen we will go to “Optimal Location”, then select "Amsterdam-FREE", skip the advertising and notify us that the connection was successful.


    Even in the notification bar, a sign will appear indicating that we are connected by VPN. The next step will be to create a new Google account, we can do it directly from our web browser device or directly in the Settings section, in the Accounts section, it will offer us the option to create a new account.

    When we enter the data for a new mail, we will have to put the data of an address of Netherlands, the only thing that we did was through Google to look for an address of Netherlands and voila. At the end we enter Google Play and we can find Disney Plus to download through our new account.

    When installing the application we will see the option to register with Disney Plus, it is not mandatory that we use the email we just created as the main purpose was to enter the Google Play store in the Netherlands.

    When we finish the registration we will be asked for a payment method and the only option is to mention that we want to pay through Google Play, selecting it will open a window to ask for the payment method, we use a Citibanamex debit card and accepted it immediately. With this we will have our Disney Plus account; we overcome (perhaps) the most complicated step in the process.

    There is a possibility that when trying to enter Disney Plus, it will show us a message that the region is not compatible with the service, in that case all we have to do is return to the VPN application, disconnect and reconnect so that Give us access.

    disney plus app

    Finally, the price of Disney Plus in Netherlands is 6.99 euros per month. The service does not have different types of subscription, it is only a package that offers up to four simultaneous devices and all with 4K resolution if the content is compatible.

  • iOS

    In order to download the application we only need an Apple account from the United States, it will be the only requirement, while Fast VPN worked for us at first without major problems.

    Regarding AirPlay compatibility, we are surprised that it works perfectly. We could prove it by sending the content to an Apple TV and it was reproduced without complication. Which should work similarly with Samsung and LG TVs that are already distributed in Mexico and are compatible with technology. It is undoubtedly one of the simplest options to enjoy the service on a TV, because the VPN should only go through the iPhone, iPad or Mac